Assessment Layout All Steps

This describes the steps in my assessment and gives the links showing how it was implemented

Step 1 – Setting up Ubuntu Server

The first step in setting up Mediw Wiki is to use a current Ubuntu 1010 server or if setting it up from scratch then a detailed description can be found on sites such as ‘The Perfect Server‘.

Step 2 – Loading MediaWiki

Once the set up of the server is complete the next step is to load the MediaWiki as described and shown by the video in ‘Detailed Install MediaWiki’

Step 3 – Planning The User Authorisation

Once the mediawiki has been set up the next step for me was to start concentrating on the area of user. The steps involve changing the default groups to provide security and then setting up new user groups with permissions to allow them to do the roles that are required. This is detailed in the page ‘User Setup‘.

Step 4 – Setting up Media wiki with planned user groupings

The next step is to set up the groupings in the as planned in the mediawiki. The detail for this is in ‘Set Up User Group

Step 5 – Adding User and applying settings

The next step is to set up the required users and apply the Groups. Apply Groups

Step 6 – Testing the setup

The final step is to test that all the groupings work. The testing cna be seen in the testing Set-up page

Step 7 – Report

Once all steps are complete the final report is completed


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